Pardon Our Sawdust

We will be updating software for this blogsite in the next couple of days, to fix a compatibility problem with Internet Explorer. (Always check other browsers– but Firefox is so foxy we sometimes forget.) If we do something wrong and you cannot access the site, or articles fail to appear, this is why. We’ll get … Read more

Theremin Video Film Festival

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Fair Tales

Professor Eric Faden, Bucknell University, explains copyright brilliantly in “A Fair(y) Use Tale“:[youtube=] (hat tip BoingBoing)


With over a month of blog posting and 35 entries, what have we been discussing so far?able add affect agree already application april archive archives articles attorney audio background bad beginning beta blog border building bytes called card cards case categories category cd change changes check checkbox chime chimes click coder com comments compression computer … Read more

Tech Support

We tend to avoid real-time phone tech support in favor of e-mail and forums, but sometimes a user tracks us down. It usually goes something like this: (kudos Cosmic Variance)


Electronic music pioneer Robert Moog, born 73 years ago today, got started in the business while still a grad student at Cornell, writing an article on building theremins for Electronics World and selling a good number of theremin kits for $49.95. “We had $13,000 in the bank, a humongous cache of wealth for a graduate … Read more

Moving to Vista– Part Quatro

We have been looking at Windows Vista (TM Microsoft) for a few weeks, seeing how it will affect Sagebrush products. View earlier articles Part1 and Part2 and Part3. Recording Different Inputs Concurrently. Here is some good news in the way Vista handles various recording sources. Under WinXP a sound device may have several inputs, but … Read more

Chime Patents

Trawling Google’s patent database, we searched wind chime patents for sound ideas (pun intended). Here are a few notable audio-related patents, omitting ornamental designs and most chime-electronic-electric hybrids: Adjustable wind chime clapper support 1990. A clapper may be raised and lowered to change the tone, omit striking some tubes, or silence the chime. Multiple tone … Read more

Building Chimes

Although we enjoy virtual wind chimes, the real thing is good, too. We recently happened upon a book containing a wealth of information on the design and construction of wind chimes, which we can recommend without reservation. Wind Chimes: Design and Construction, 63 page paperback with audio CD, by Bart Hopkin. We have been a … Read more