5th Blogiversary

The Sagebrush Blog began on April 9, 2007, so we are five years old today! We haven’t actually been blogging continuously all that time, taking a hiatus from April 2009 to October 2011. It is hard to avoid the dreaded blog-poster burn-out. We got better. My current goal is to post at least once a … Read more

Updated Sound Mixer Tutorial

[A while back we made a tutorial for controlling the sound card mixer for WinXP, but never got around to updating for Win7/Vista, where the procedure changed completely. Some of the information was scattered around in other application notes, but it was past time to update this app note, since it is frequently referred to … Read more

Shiny New Blog

I am starting a new blog. Big whoop, right? Sagebrush Trails is a personal journal dealing with ultra-light backpacking, hiking trails, and possibly other topics in the future. This is about what I do when I’m not coding. Planned articles will cover preparations for a long distance hike in the summer of 2012 on the … Read more

Category RSS Feeds

The Sagebrush.com blog covers an eccentric variety of topics, from theremins to wind chimes, from the social impact of  audio recording to flan. We do have a few customers (bless ’em!) who purchased several of our programs, and could be interested in all these stories, which is great… But perhaps you purchased RecAll-PRO several years … Read more

Ubuntu Linux on a USB Drive

Although long-time Windows users and developers, we wanted to try Linux on a thumb drive. We could have installed Linux to a disk partition and dual-booted, but we often change computers, and liked the idea of  bringing our Linux with us– much harder to do with Windows due to licensing issues! We tried various “Live … Read more

Solar 4: System Complete

[This is the fourth in a series of articles describing installation of a solar hot water system.] System Start The plumbing is all connected and leak-free. Now let’s put coolant in the system and see if we get heat! Ordinarily we might use equal parts propylene glycol (not the more poisonous ethylene glycol) and water, … Read more

More Sagebrush

So need more “Sagebrush” blogs? The Sagebrush Variety Show, audio theater with political satire and commentary The Nevada Sagebrush, student voice of University of Nevada, Reno Parsley & Sagebrush Band, bluegrass combo Sagebrush & Serendipity, personal blog of artemisia Sagebrush Wisdom, “common sense thoughts from the country” Sagebrush Valentine, 6 artists with 1 title create … Read more