Chime Patents

Trawling Google’s patent database, we searched wind chime patents for sound ideas (pun intended). Here are a few notable audio-related patents, omitting ornamental designs and most chime-electronic-electric hybrids:

Adjustable wind chime clapper support 1990. A clapper may be raised and lowered to change the tone, omit striking some tubes, or silence the chime.

Multiple tone wind chime 1994. Strikers may be of different materials, causing different tones.

Multi-Ring wind chime 1993. Chime elements in shape of rings.

Wind chime apparatus 2004. Bell and/or striker rotate, producing tremolo or Doppler effect.

Combined wind chime and bird feeder 1993. Won’t this scare the birds?

Combined bird feeder that chimes 1992. Ditto.

CHIME-WHISTLE 1909. Sounding elements can whistle or chime. Why?

Musical Chime 1993. For an indoor chime, beads fall randomly onto chime elements.

CHIME 1951. Resonant frequency of vibrating tube may be tuned to match resonant frequency of air column in tube, via apertures in side of tube.

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