Random Friday: What We Have Read 7

From our reading journal: 11/30/07 Ha’Penny Jo Walton Inspector Carmichael was blackmailed into protecting Mark Normanby in the previous book, and Normanby is now Prime Minister. A bomb explodes in a London suburb, and Carmichael and Royston are assigned the case. Viola Lark is acting in a production of Hamlet, and becomes involved in a … Read more

Anniversary of Betamax Decision

January 17, 1984 the US Supreme Court decided the case of Sony Corporation of America et al. v. Universal City Studios, Inc., et al., reaffirming that home use recording is considered fair use, and manufacturers were not liable for contributory infringement. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqxqYiptNe0]

Random Friday: What We Cook 3

Nut-Crusted Tilapia with Pesto A favorite family stop for us in Colorado is a certain gator farm in the San Luis valley, seemingly out in the middle of nowhere. Why there? We understand local hot-springs are used for a fish farm, and gators were brought in to consume fish parts. We hope some of the … Read more

Power to the Programmers

How much energy is Sagebrush consuming? We did an energy audit of one developer workstation, to get a general idea of how much electricity is used and look for ways to reduce energy use and carbon footprint. The P4400 Kill-A-Watt meter is inexpensive and easy to use for measuring power (and volts, current, total energy, … Read more

Recording the Recorders

News item from last month: A teen suspect’s snap decision to secretly record his interrogation with an MP3 player has resulted in a perjury case against a veteran detective and a plea deal for the teen. … [via Schneier] The discussion on Schneier’s blog for this item (and most others) is worth reading.

Lifetime License

Sagebrush is pleased to announce a change in our software license policy for standard (non-custom/non-contract) products sold from our web site : All past and future purchasers of our current products will receive LIFETIME UPDATES at no additional charge. We don’t want any customers to delay purchasing, concerned that an update might be coming soon … Read more