USB Tuner Support for Vista

VCRadio version 1.9 has been stuck in beta for several months. Here’s why: We have acquired several USB TV/FM tuners to support this product, and none of them have drivers running under Vista yet! We really don’t want to purchase another USB NTSC/FM tuner if we don’t have to, but it might be necessary to … Read more

Y2.038K Alert

On January 19, 2038, RecAll-PRO (and RecAll and to a lesser extent VCRadio) will display a bug. (Of course, we will issue a software update well before then to correct the problem.) A number of other programs from other companies will also develop problems. It won’t make big news like Y2K, but it is a … Read more

Random Friday: What We Flix 2

Current Netflix queue. What should we add? Idiocracy Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Metropolis Ace in the Hole Entourage: Season 1 Disc 1 No End in Sight Sicko Sideshow: Alive on the Inside Deterrence Amazing Grace The Wire: Season 1 Disc 5 High School Musical 2 Battlestar Galactica: Season 3 Battlestar Galactica: Season 4 Becoming … Read more

Theremin Matryoshka Orchestra

[youtube=] video link Japanese theremin maker Mandarin Electron has embedded a pitch-only theremin in a matryoshka doll, dubbed the Matryomin. [kudos Gizmodo]