Installing MouSing on Ubuntu Linux

Install Wine and MouSing using the procedure described in Installing RecAll-PRO and RecAll on Ubuntu Linux. If using the MIDI option in MouSing, install the Timidity MIDI daemon as described in Installing WinChime on Ubuntu Linux. If using MIDI, go into menu Options-> Preferences->MIDI and change the MIDI Output Device to an existing device. Adjust … Read more


Remember when voice recording was hard? Rare? A special event? Cost money? Required special hardware? Full size ad at Vintage Ads. More ads and hardware photos at Pinrepair. Recording on YouTube. (hat tip BoingBoing) Related Posts: Recording in the News Anniversary of BetaMax Decision

Ambient Sound at Disney World

Check out this interview with the person who designed the ambient sound system for Disney World. More than 15,000 speakers have been positioned using complex algorithms to ensure that the sound plays within a range of just a couple decibels throughout the entire park. It is quite a technical feat acoustically, electrically, and mathematically. How … Read more

Particle Physics Wind Chime

Stanford physicist Matt Bellis and developers attending Science Hack Day SF have created a program to render subatomic particle collisions as musical notes. Particle parameters, such as energy or angle, could be mapped onto volume or pitch of a note. Read the Article in Symmetry Breaking magazine [no longer available or not found] or download … Read more

Updated Sound Mixer Tutorial

[A while back we made a tutorial for controlling the sound card mixer for WinXP, but never got around to updating for Win7/Vista, where the procedure changed completely. Some of the information was scattered around in other application notes, but it was past time to update this app note, since it is frequently referred to … Read more