Random Friday: What We Have Read 9

More catching-up from the reading journal… 12/30/08 The Man Who Invented Christmas Les Standiford Rather than attempt a general biography of Dickens, the book wisely focuses on one particular turning point in the famous author’s life, when his writing career appears to be faltering and he decides to publish, at his own risk, a small … Read more

File Extensions in MRU

The MRU (Most Recently Used) section of a Files menu shows files that were recently opened by an application. The default Windows way of displaying file names is to omit file extensions. This can become confusing when the application can handle several different file extensions. As an example, how do you distinguish between MP3 and … Read more

Solar 4: System Complete

[This is the fourth in a series of articles describing installation of a solar hot water system.] System Start The plumbing is all connected and leak-free. Now let’s put coolant in the system and see if we get heat! Ordinarily we might use equal parts propylene glycol (not the more poisonous ethylene glycol) and water, … Read more