Chime Fu

Spiderman 3, the final battle between Venom and Spidey. [youtube=] link Heavy chime action is at timecode 2:15, or 1:10 from the end.

WinChime RingTone: Uniden ELX500

We have a Uniden ELX500 cordless telephone handset in the office (used here primarily for its Bluetooth connectivity). How do we add a WinChime ringtone? The Phone This handset, compatible with other phones in Uniden’s 5.8 GHz digital (non-DECT, non Voip) multiple-extension product line, is unusual for cordless phones, having a flip-phone form factor, USB … Read more

High Def Radio Startup

NPR Morning Edition has a story about a couple starting a business to produce high definition radios and the difficulties encountered bringing it to market. (link) (Our company looked briefly at venturing into the hardware world by designing our own HD Radio device, but were scared away by threats of a broadcast flag.)

Bike Wind Chime

Sprockets of various sizes on a bicycle derailleur gear create different pitches, great for a wind chime. (Make) What other mechanical devices have components in a range of sizes, suitable for chimes?

Random Friday: What We Shall Read

Current book reading queue. (Does not include a certain J K Rowling book, as too obvious.) Rollback / Robert J Sawyer. Larklight / Phillip Reeve, David Wyatt illustrator. The Sons of Heaven / Kage Baker. The Canon / Natalie Angier. The Dangerous Book for Boys / Conn Iggulden, Hal Iggulden. The Beatrice Letters / Lemony … Read more

Nature Sound Patents

Excludes ornamental designs. Method of generating continuous non-looped sound effects, 1997. Random sequencing of digital sound segments. Portable real time, dry mechanical relaxation and physical therapy device simulating application, 2003. A relaxation station may include nature sounds. Tooth brush holder, 2005. Holder may play nature sounds. Method for mixing audio subliminal recordings, 1992. Verbal subliminal … Read more

Recording in the News 2

IEEE Spectrum has a first-class technical summary of the Vodafone Greece cellphone wiretapping scandal. This story has it all: apparent suicide, wiretapping of conversations with key high level politicians and officials, rogue software, destroyed logs, subversion of wiretapping capability originally implemented for law enforcement requirements. (huzzah! Schneier) Previously: Recording in the News