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Sagebrush Systems

We develop innovative software, specializing in audio and sound applications. Download any of our programs for a free trial evaluation period.

[RecAll icon] RecAll-PRO v1.9 Our advanced audio capture software has even more features for Power Users. New Beta Release v2.0beta9.

[RecAll icon] RecAll v2.9 A sound-activated tape recorder is now "virtual hardware" for your computer. Handy for dictation, voice notes, radio scanners, and more.

[winchime icon] WinChime v3.1 Relax to the sounds of virtual wind chimes. WinChime uses the MIDI capabilities of your sound card to produce a soothing sound environment to aid relaxation and block out unwanted noises (great for home offices!). New Android app version!

[VCRadio icon] VCRadio v2.2 A control program for PC FM radio tuners includes a built-in recorder/timer for time-shifting your favorite radio shows.

Legacy Products

[WaveSong icon] WaveSong v2.6 Turn your computer into a nature-sound generator to create relaxing background sounds and mask out unwanted noise. Sounds include crickets, waves, white noise, thunder, and more. WaveSong brings the outdoors to your desktop.

[mousing icon] MouSing v2.8 Here is the musical instrument you play by moving your mouse! MouSing is inspired by the sounds of the theremin.

[tvactive icon] TVactive v1.4 Easy control of TV analog tuner devices with VCR recording function. Save video files in Windows Media format or AVI.

[CamZilla icon] CamZilla v1.1 Capture screens and record full-motion screen video for documentation, manuals, and demos.

Sagebrush Suite Buy four programs for huge savings-- less than the cost of 3 programs separately: WinChime, WaveSong, RecAll, and MouSing.


Consulting We are also available for contracting and consulting jobs. Do you have a software application or electronic gadget that needs developing?

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