About Sagebrush Systems

Sagebrush Systems,® Inc. was incorporated in January of 1995.The company’s first program, WinChime, was introduced in February of 1995. We have developed over six innovative audio products, with several more on the way.Our mission is to create unique software for personal computers, with special expertise in sound applications.

Why should you buy?

  • Low risk. You can download any of our programs for a free trial period.
  • Cost. Each product is inexpensive, typically under $20 US.
  • Upgrades. Our upgrade policy is generous.
  • Response. We quickly respond to customer requests. Try us and see.
  • Innovation. Discover new ways to use your computer and sound card.
  • Respect. We will never sell your e-mail address or mail address. We provide easy access to product technical and price information on our Web site to allow you to make informed decisions.  We pay attention to customer requests for product features.

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