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Product Update: WinChime for Windows v4.0

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A new update is available for WinChime, for Windows. Version 4.0 is the first version with native 64-bit support. A 32-bit version is still available. Minor documentation changes are also provided, with no major new features. For all existing WinChime for Windows customers, your registration codes continue to work with the new version.

Product Update: WinChime for Android release 8

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  • Handle webview widget not available
  • Fix stack overflow from recyclerview

Wind Chime Quotes


wind chime

Wind chimes in your yard will serenade garden creatures – squirrels, fairies and angels.
— Author Unknown


Girl, girl, I’ll be your sunshine, you can be mine. You’ll be my wind chime. I’ve got the rhyme.
Sean Paul


Walk through the time flux hand and hand with clear mind. Chords are harmonious like the rhythm of wind chimes.


Wind Chimes are Martha Stewart’s boombox.


Zuzu Bailey: Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.
— It’s a Wonderful Life


The true form is magnificently illuminated with gleaming fire. The teaching’s voice is total silence amid the ringing of wind chimes. The moon hangs in the old pine tree, cold in the falling night. The chilled crane in its nest in the clouds has not yet been aroused from its dreams.
— Hongzhi Zhengjue (1091-1157)


Dr. Rick Dagless: What’s this?
Linda: A dreamcatcher
Dr. Rick Dagless: What’s a dreamcatcher?
Linda: It’s like a wind chime.
Dr. Rick Dagless: Then why didn’t you say wind chime?
— “Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace” The Creeping Moss from the Shores of Shuggoth

wind chime

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Try New Instrument Voices for WinChime

A recent comment from a tester prompted us to write up this application note. WinChime has long had the capability to use any instrument defined in the MIDI sound bank, not just the ones listed in the Instrument drop-down list. This is even documented in the help file… but it’s a little hard to find unless you use the context help feature of Windows, which

WinChime Help has a table of MIDI instruments, in the table of contents at Operations-> MIDI Instruments. (The table is included below). As an example, take Kalimba, with number 109. Subtract 1 to get 108. (Why subtract one? It’s a long story. Just trust me on this.) Enter that number into the edit-box portion of the WinChime main windows Instrument combo-box.

Try playing and see how it sounds. Now try entering other random numbers between 0 and 127. Instruments with a distinct attack and slow decay, such as Tubular Bells, make the best traditional wind-chime sounds, but on some days you might just need “Voice Oohs”, number 54.

MIDI Instrument Table
Acoustic Grand 1
Bright Acoustic 2
Electric Grand 3
Honky-tonk 4
Electric Piano 1 5
Electric Piano 2 6
Harpsichord 7
Clavinet 8
Chromatic Percussion
Celesta 9
Glockenspiel 10
Music Box 11
Vibraphone 12
Marimba 13
Xylophone 14
Tubular Bells 15
Dulcimer 16
Drawbar Organ 17
Percussive Organ 18
Rock Organ 19
Church Organ 20
Reed Organ 21
Accordion 22
Harmonica 23
Tango Accordion 24
Acoustic (nylon) 25
Acoustic (steel) 26
Electric (jazz) 27
Electric (clean) 28
Electric (muted) 29
Overdriven 30
Distortion 31
Guitar Harmonics 32
Acoustic 33
Electric (finger) 34
Electric (pick) 35
Fretless 36
Slap Bass 1 37
Slap Bass 2 38
Synth Bass 1 39
Synth Bass 2 40
 Violin 41
 Viola 42
 Cello 43
 Contrabass 44
 Tremolo Strings 45
 Pizzicato Strings 46
 Orchestral Harp 47
 Timpani 48
 String Ensemble 1  49
 String Ensemble 2  50
 Synthstrings 1  51
 Synthstrings 2  52
 Choir Aahs  53
 Voice Oohs  54
 Synth Voice  55
 Orchestra Hit  56
 Trumpet 57
 Trombone 58
 Tuba 59
 Muted Trumpet 60
 French Horn 61
 Brass Section 62
 SynthBrass 1 63
 SynthBrass 2 64
 Soprano Sax 65
 Alto Sax 66
 Tenor Sax 67
 Baritone Sax 68
 Oboe 69
 English Horn 70
 Bassoon 71
 Clarinet 72
 Piccolo 73
 Flute 74
 Recorder 75
 Pan Flute 76
 Blown Bottle 77
 Shakuhachi 78
 Whistle 79
 Ocarina 80
 Synth Lead
 Lead 1 (square) 81
 Lead 2 (sawtooth) 82
 Lead 3 (calliope) 83
 Lead 4 (chiff) 84
 Lead 5 (charang) 85
 Lead 6 (voice) 86
 Lead 7 (fifths) 87
 Lead 8 (brass+lead 88
 Synth Pad
 Pad 1 (new age 89
 Pad 2 (warm) 90
 Pad 3 (polysynth) 91
 Pad 4 (choir) 92
 Pad 5 (bowed) 93
 Pad 6 (metallic) 94
 Pad 7 (halo) 95
 Pad 8 (sweep) 96
 Synth Effects
 Fx 1 (train) 97
 Fx 2 (soundtrack) 98
 Fx 3 (crystal) 99
 Fx 4 (atmosphere) 100
 Fx 5 (brightness) 101
 Fx 6 (goblins) 102
 Fx 7 (echoes) 103
 Fx 8 (sci-fi) 104
 Sitar 105
 Banjo 106
 Shamisen 107
 Koto 108
 Kalimba 109
 Bag Pipe Fiddle 110
 Shanai 112
 Tinkle Bell 113
 Agogo 114
 Steel Drums 115
 Woodblock 116
 Taiko Drum 117
 Melodic Tom 118
 Synth Drum 119
 Reverse Cymbal 120
 Sound Effect
 Guitar Fret Noise 121
 Breath Noise 122
 Seashore 123
 Bird Tweet 124
 Telephone Ring 125
 Helicopter 126
 Applause 127
 Gunshot 128

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Particle Physics Wind Chime

Stanford physicist Matt Bellis and developers attending Science Hack Day SF have created a program to render subatomic particle collisions as musical notes. Particle parameters, such as energy or angle, could be mapped onto volume or pitch of a note.

Read the Article in Symmetry Breaking magazine or download the software.


Cloud chamber

from Cloud chamber photo/Image credit: Wikimedia Commons/User:Deer*lake

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Redneck Chimes

Redneck Windchime

This has been making the rounds of the blogs lately.

What MIDI instrument selected in WinChime gives  a similar sound?


Building a City with Wind Chimes

I recently toured Arcosanti, a futuristic-looking experimental community north of Phoenix Arizona, designed by Paolo Soleri and gradually, ever so slowly, being constructed by residents, currently numbering approximately 100.

Community artisans generate income that help fund ongoing operations and construction by creating and selling sand-cast bronze wind bells.

Patterns drawn in sand before the metal pour allow each chime sculpture to be unique.

Ceramic chimes are also created here. This is another material amenable to creating one-of-a-kind artifacts.

Consider shopping for wind bells, or experience the community.

WinChime RingTone: Android Samsung Intercept

Having recently acquired a Samsung Intercept cell phone running Android 2.2.2 (Froyo), we wanted to add a soothing WinChime ringtone, at no charge if possible. Luckily for us, Android plays MIDI files natively and (at least for this handset) allows MIDI as ring tones, so the procedure is straight-forward.

First we use the WinChime menu “File-> Save Midi File As…” feature to generate a MIDI file of sufficient length; 100 notes are more than plenty. In the screenshot below, we are running WinChime under Ubuntu+Wine to test out this function under Linux, but you can run under Windows just as easily.

The file minor.mid is available to download and test.

Now e-mail the resulting MIDI file to your phone. Or alternatively, connect your phone to a USB port, slide down the notification bar, and select “USB connected” to make Android phone external storage visible to your computer as a flash drive.

For this example we e-mail the file to ourselves and use Gmail app on the Android phone to read.

Click “Download” or “Preview” to start the Media Player.

Press the “Menu” button and select “Use as ringtone“. Now call yourself and relax to the soothing sounds of WinChime!

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Installing WinChime on Ubuntu Linux

Following the procedure described in the article Installing RecAll-PRO and RecAll on Ubuntu Linux, we need to add some additional steps to enable WinChime to function under Linux. The standard Ubuntu distribution does not seem to include a MIDI synthesizer daemon, necessary for rendering WinChime’s sounds. We follow the procedure described here to install Timidity++ and configure it. For WinChime, the freepats samples sounds fine, so we did not bother with eawpatches. If we do everything right, WinChime should play correctly.

We first install Timidity using Synaptic Package Manager. Select “timidity“, and “timidity daemon” if available.

Start a terminal window and enter:

timidity -iA -B2,8 -Os1l -s 44100

and start WinChime. When you click the Play button you should hear chimes.

Now we need to configure timidity to start at boot. Googling older versions of timidity gives hints of a script installed in the /etc/init.d directory to do this, but I do not see one on the current timidity package.

(Aside: on a version of Ubuntu previous to 11.10, after using the installation instructions linked to above, the timidity daemon started at boot. However, in research for this article we uninstalled and installed timidity and found the timidity daemon no longer started at boot. If the daemon auto-starts for you, then ignore the rest of this application note.)

Perhaps not the standard “Linux way” of starting a timidity daemon, but I found this works for me: Launch “Startup Applications” and click the “Add” button. Enter as shown:

Now when I boot Ubuntu, the timidity daemon runs and WinChime works!


Smart Wind Chimes

Lufdesign presents the design concept of a wind-bell that swings to sound (instead of electronic reproduction) when a message is received. The chime body and pendulum may display message content and name of sender.

[flash] [video link]

[kudos Gizmodo]