Product Update: WinChime for Windows v4.0

A new update is available for WinChime, for Windows. Version 4.0 is the first version with native 64-bit support. A 32-bit version is still available. Minor documentation changes are also provided, with no major new features. For all existing WinChime for Windows customers, your registration codes continue to work with the new version.

Wind Chime Quotes

Wind chimes in your yard will serenade garden creatures – squirrels, fairies and angels.— Author Unknown Girl, girl, I’ll be your sunshine, you can be mine. You’ll be my wind chime. I’ve got the rhyme.— Sean Paul Walk through the time flux hand and hand with clear mind. Chords are harmonious like the rhythm of … Read more

Particle Physics Wind Chime

Stanford physicist Matt Bellis and developers attending Science Hack Day SF have created a program to render subatomic particle collisions as musical notes. Particle parameters, such as energy or angle, could be mapped onto volume or pitch of a note. Read the Article in Symmetry Breaking magazine [no longer available or not found] or download … Read more

Building a City with Wind Chimes

I recently toured Arcosanti, a futuristic-looking experimental community north of Phoenix Arizona, designed by Paolo Soleri and gradually, ever so slowly, being constructed by residents, currently numbering approximately 100. Community artisans generate income that help fund ongoing operations and construction by creating and selling sand-cast bronze wind bells. Patterns drawn in sand before the metal … Read more

WinChime RingTone: Android Samsung Intercept

Having recently acquired a Samsung Intercept cell phone running Android 2.2.2 (Froyo), we wanted to add a soothing WinChime ringtone, at no charge if possible. Luckily for us, Android plays MIDI files natively and (at least for this handset) allows MIDI as ring tones, so the procedure is straight-forward. First we use the WinChime menu … Read more

Installing WinChime on Ubuntu Linux

Following the procedure described in the article Installing RecAll-PRO and RecAll on Ubuntu Linux, we need to add some additional steps to enable WinChime to function under Linux. The standard Ubuntu distribution does not seem to include a MIDI synthesizer daemon, necessary for rendering WinChime’s sounds. We follow the procedure described here to install Timidity++ … Read more

Smart Wind Chimes

Lufdesign presents the design concept of a wind-bell that swings to sound (instead of electronic reproduction) when a message is received. The chime body and pendulum may display message content and name of sender. [flash] [video link] [kudos Gizmodo]