Moving to Vista– Part Three-Oh

We have been looking at Windows Vista (TM Microsoft) for a few weeks, seeing how it will affect Sagebrush products. View earlier articles Part1 and Part2 . User Account Control Some of the restrictions discussed below may have existed under WinXP, but most home users ran as administrator and never noticed any problem. Now, unless … Read more

Dining With Nature Sounds

One restaurant has a novel use for ambient nature sounds, reports the Manchester Evening News: Customers at a top British restaurant will listen to iPods while tucking into their food. Chef Heston Blumenthal says the Apple music players will help heighten the flavour of a new dish called Sound of the Sea. (Kudos Gizmodo.)

When Time Stamps Go Bad

The biggest application for our audio recording program is logging telephone calls. Sound-activated recording is used to separate calls, and the time code display is handy for displaying when calls occur. So this news item (which AFAIK does not involve our product) caught our attention: A Hempfield Area High School sophomore spent 12 days in … Read more

First Beta for Vista

Our first product, WinChime, was introduced in February of 1995, with a version for Windows 3.1 . Today we introduce a beta version compatible with Windows Vista, showing a felicitous continuity of support. Every couple of weeks we intend to update another product for improved Vista compatibility. Existing customers will be able to use the … Read more

Moving to Vista– Part D’oh

We have been looking at Windows Vista (TM Microsoft) for a few weeks, seeing how it will affect Sagebrush products. View the first part here. Sound Recorder is diminished. The Sound Recorder accessory in WinXP could be used to transfer from one Wave format to another, or record in several different Wave formats. It could … Read more

Theremin Patent

A patent for the original theremin, the other-worldly musical instrument that inspired MouSing, can be found on Google-Patents here. Patents this old do not presently have machine-readable text. A close viewing of the patent image suggests that optical character recognition software would be challenged, with plently of stray dots, optical noise, and characters that run … Read more

Random Friday: What We Flix

As Netflix newbies, we tend to pay undue attention to our movie queue. When we’ve used the service for a few months, will we stop obsessing over the list so much? Currently, Whisper of the Heart Rome: Season 1: Disc 1 The Battle of Algiers My Neighbor Totoro Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace Duma Never Cry … Read more