Random Friday: What We Cook 4

Low Carb Flan Experience a delicate custard dessert, also known as caramel custard or crème caramel. Our interpretation departs from tradition by omitting caramel topping, and substituting in its place a thin layer of molasses– which does add back some carbs, but the flavor is so strong that you need very little. Combine and lightly … Read more

i-Sleep Pro

Saturday Night Live presents the next advance in noise machine technology: Related posts: Shhhhhhhhhhhh!Environmental Sounds: The Dark Side

Theremin Heroes

Here are two different implementations of “Theremin Hero”, after the popular Guitar Hero video game. Thereminhero.com has some info, but for details on implementation, check out the comments in the YouTube video. [hat tip Hackaday] Next, Cornell University’s ECE 4760 course publishes student final projects on the web– consistently a rich source for ideas. D.L. … Read more