Tech Support Film Festival

Tech support humor to begin the week: [youtube=] Everything Feels Better When It Works Jebs Jobs Blonde vs Windows Foamy Tech Support, 2, 3, 4 Tongue Stuck in VCR Technically Non-Support Previous posts: Tech Support, Tech Support 2, Theremin Film Festival, Theremoid FilmFest

Wind Chime Puzzler

The Enigma column of New Scientist August 20 2005 issue presents this problem by Bob Walker: A wind chime, with 10 chimes of lengths 1 cm to 10 cm, placed uniform distances apart around the circumference of a round disk so they are “balanced perfectly.” The 10 lengths of the chimes in this sequence form … Read more

Random Friday: What We Cook 2

Red Chile Salmon 1 fresh fillet of salmon1/4 cup almond flour1/8 cup New Mexico chile powderdash of salt1 egg whitecooking oil Pour almond flour, chile, and salt into plastic bag. Scale and cut salmon into serving size pieces, approximately 100grams to 200grams each. Coat each piece with egg white, shake off excess. Shake each piece … Read more

Motorola/Tracfone v176 Cell Phone USB Charger

The purpose of this project is to allow the Motorola/Tracfone V176 cell phone to be charged through a USB port. Recent Motorola cell handsets (RAZR, W370, etc.) already provide a mini-USB port for charging. Future cell phones will standardize on the micro-USB connector. Standardizing on USB for charging has certain advantages: No need for another … Read more

What We Have Read 6

From our reading journal: 9/29/07 Stop Forgetting to Remember: The Autobiography of Walter Kurtz Peter Kuper Writing a fictionalized biography in graphic novel form, the artist relates several intimate embarrassing stories tha might not be expected in a biography, including awkward first experiments in sex, trying drugs, losing a long-time friend through neglect. Other chapters … Read more

Make Theremin

Make Magazine publishes a lively weekend video podcast, documenting a quick building project. Here they make a simple electronic theremin, using a kit from Harrison Instruments. [youtube=] Link