What We Have Read 5

From our reading journal: 8/27/07 Legacy (Sharing Knife 2) Lois McMaster Bujold Lakewalkers keep separate from other peoples, keep few possessions and live in camps near the lakes, traveling among farmers on occasion in pursuit of Malices, powerful malevolent beings that is their mission to keep from destroying mankind. Lakewalkers are forbidden to marry outside … Read more

Owl Phone

The Owl Project at MIT Media Lab, collaborating with Maine Audubon, uses cell phones for owl census, producing owl calls and recording response. Low night-time phone rates are an advantage. (kudos BoingBoing) previously: Nature Sounds for Leopards

What We Bake

Low(er) Carb Bread 1 cup warm water1/4 stick of butter2 egg whites (left over from here) 1 1/2 cups white whole wheat flour1/2 cup wheat gluten2 TBS flax meal1 TBS spoonable Stevia1 1/2 tsp yeast1/2 tsp salt1 tsp molasses Add liquid ingredients to bread maker, then dry ingredients. Process on dough cycle. (If too wet, … Read more

Win95 Remembered

Twelve years ago today Windows 95 was introduced. Following Windows 3.1, this was the big move to 32 bits (we ignore the Win32s fork), including a better selection of native controls and improved usability. Business for independent Windows software developers began to take off. Our company’s first product was introduced earlier that year for Win31. … Read more

Moog Remembered

Electronic music pioneer Robert Moog passed to the ethereal plane two years ago today. Check out this recent post for his life and times, including popularizing the theremin.

What We Have Read 4

From our reading journal: 7/31/07 New Amsterdam Elizabeth Bear Vampires? Been done. Add a female forensic sorcerer? Tell us more. Add an alternate history where the colonies lost the French-Indian war, New Amsterdam is still part of the British Empire in 1901, and the Empire still has a strong monarchy, with alternate near-steampunk technology? Brilliant. … Read more

Building Wind Chimes

Resources found on the web: An Engineering Approach to Wind Chime Design (no longer available) Making Wind Chimes Making Windchimes Bamboo Wind Chimes Glass Wind Chimes (kudos Wikipedia) Related posts: Bike Wind Chime, One-Note Chime, Hard Drive Chime, Building Chimes

What We Have Read 3

From our reader’s journal: 6/27/07 Carnival Elizabeth Bear The team of Michelangelo Kusanagi-Jones and Vincent Katherinessen are diplomatic envoys of the Old Earth Colonial Coalition. They enter into diplomatic negotiations on renegade planet New Amazonia, where women are solely in power. Discussions take a complex turn… Lots of cool ideas in passing, including licensed clothes, … Read more