New Product Release: RecAll for Android

RecAll Version 2.0 (Initial beta release) (Android)

RecAll for Android provides most of the cool features of our most popular Windows program, RecAll for Windows.

  • sound-activated recording option
  • timecodes display during playback
  • Ogg Vorbis audio format, supported natively by all Android devices
  • legacy Windows WAV audio formats with compression options, supported by all Windows computers
  • record in background
  • resume recording in same file after stopping
  • timecode audio properties compatible with Windows version
  • select from a list of recording sources

RecAll for Windows has been popular for use by amateur radio operators, small airports in certain countries that are required to record and save radio transmissions, and small businesses and telephone call centers that need to record telephone calls. Imagine the possibilities of using a small portable low-maintenance low-power Android device for the same application.

(Note November 30, 2017: We are in beta release, fixing a few bugs for a solid release. Contact us if you want to help test. In a few days look for the app out of beta in the Google Play Store)

Visit the Google Play Store Listing.

New Product Release: Caption

Caption Version 2.0 (Initial beta release) (Android)

Caption allows editing the “caption” property of JPEG photos to document the subject of an image. This might be particularly useful when taking a large number of photos in an unfamiliar location, such as a long backpacking trip or travel abroad. How many of us have gone back to vacation photos a year later and wondered, “What is that and why did I take a picture of it?”

Also, you can insert a short audio recording inside the photo, to quickly make a voice note and then later go back and edit the caption file property.

(Note October 30: We are in beta release, fixing a few bugs for a solid release. Contact us if you want to help test.)

Visit the Google Play Store Listing.

New Product Release: DAF Jammer

DAF Jammer Version 2.0 (Initial general release) (Android)

This app is useful for experimenting with the phenomenon of Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) to disrupt speech.
The app is currently currently targeted for Android devices with built-in echo cancellation abilities, such as smart phones that support speakerphone features. If you run on a tablet, which typically does not implement echo cancellation, use headphones to prevent runaway audio feedback.

Controls include volume and delay. Adjust the volume to prevent runaway feedback. Adjust the delay for optimal disruption of talking. We find that 150 milliseconds works pretty well. For best results, the phone should be placed as close to the subject’s head as practical.

Visit the Google Play Store Listing.

New Forum 2017

Our Forum Page was hacked several months ago, thoroughly enough that it was impractical to recover and export discussions to new software.

We have had many problems in the past due to rampant forum spam, particularly link spam.

Also the old forum had many questions that pertained to older out-of-date versions of our software, and the question often did not mention which version was involved.

Time for a new beginning. We are offering AnsPress, a question-and-answer format made popular by Stack Overflow. Eventually we intend to add a feature so you only see questions related to the product in which you have an interest, but for now you can click on the Category link and filter for the product you need. (I did seed the forum with actual questions by real customers, but now you guys are already helping to build a solid forum by asking great questions.)

Include version numbers in your question whenever appropriate. Thanks. Visit the Forum page here.

New Product: Clavier for Android

Clavier for Android launch iconClavier is a keyboard synthesizer for your Android device, with a full General MIDI instrument set.

Version 2.0 is the first production release.

Check it out on Google Play.


Product Update: WinChime for Android

WinChime for Android launch iconWinChime for Android has been updated to version 3.0 .

New in this release: Update layout and menus to Material Design

Check us out in the Google Play Store.


New Product: MouSing for Android

MouSing for Android launch iconVersion 3.0 is the first general production release.

Perform with a theremin simulator, similar to our desktop version, with advanced features such as a keyboard display and note display.

Get details on the Google Play Store.

First Android App

Sagebrush Systems is pleased to announce its first Android app! WinChime replicates most of the features of WinChime for Windows, and is free and ad-free (with a voluntary contribution requested via in-app purchase).

WinChime for Android screenshot

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Toilet Bud

We previously blogged about a Japanese toilet that made “courtesy flush” sounds to mask unseemly noise.

Gadget Gangster presents Toilet Buddy, a circuit project to do the same thing, complete with schematics and firmware.

Toilet Buddy from Gadget Gangster on Vimeo.

(Hat tip hackaday)

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