Random Friday: What We Cook 4

Low Carb Flan Experience a delicate custard dessert, also known as caramel custard or crème caramel. Our interpretation departs from tradition by omitting caramel topping, and substituting in its place a thin layer of molasses– which does add back some carbs, but the flavor is so strong that you need very little. Combine and lightly … Read more

Random Friday: What We Bake 6

We have modified our earlier low carb cheesecake recipe to an even yummier version: Cheesecake Redux (Low carb, small portion) For crust, mix: 1/4 cup dry-roasted unsalted almonds chopped in a food blender (make more and refrigerate for next time) 1/2 Tablespoon melted butter dash cinnamon 1/2 Tablespoon spoonable Stevia (or equivalent sweetener of your … Read more

Random Friday: What We Tour 3

Costa Rica is enchanting. Samara Beach Arenal Volcano The summit was covered in clouds most of our visit, but cleared just as we were leaving. Quetzal in the MonteVerde Cloud Forest Credit to our guide Bernal for setting up this shot. Related Posts: What We Tour 2, What We Tour, What We Hike 3

Random Friday: What We Have Read 9

More catching-up from the reading journal… 12/30/08 The Man Who Invented Christmas Les Standiford Rather than attempt a general biography of Dickens, the book wisely focuses on one particular turning point in the famous author’s life, when his writing career appears to be faltering and he decides to publish, at his own risk, a small … Read more

Random Friday: What We Have Read 8

From my reading journal. We haven’t posted from the r-j for a while, so will catch up over the next few weeks. 6/16/08 Fortune’s Formula William Poundstone John Kelly at Bell Labs develops a strategy of risk management, applied at blackjack by MIT mathematician Edward O Thorp. Later he applies the same concept to hedge … Read more

Random Friday: What We Tour 2

We had the opportunity to explore Las Vegas, New Mexico (not the other one). Old western towns along the rail line tended to have one fancy hotel to make a good impression on visitors, and the Plaza Hotel on the square of Las Vegas has been restored. We took a room, and can recommend a … Read more