Solar Organ

Wind chimes are one nature-powered music device, but here is another: a solar thermal organ. httpv:// [video link] Parabolic reflectors power thermoacoustic variable-pitch pipe resonators. In another video the creator describes how the sun can cast shadows on arrays of thermal organs, changing sound as the sun moves. [kudos Make:]

Garden Chime Contest

Oddstrument Collection is having a contest for garden musical instruments: Things like wind chimes, outdoor gongs, bells, fountains, musical sculptures, “wind banjos”, etc. Think solar, wind, water powered and beyond. [via :Make] Related posts: Chime Variations, Building Wind Chimes

Chime Variations

Ranjit describes a sound sculpture using strings instead of chimes. [Video link] (hat tip Make) Furin are glass wind chimes, a sound of summer in Japan. PingMag [link no longer found] interviews furin craftsman Yoshiharu Shinohara, with marvelous photos. (kudos Dinosaurs and Robots)

Happy Birthday First Product

WinChime 1.0, our first Sagebrush product, was released February 27, 1995, running on Windows 3.1 . Win95 would not appear until November of that year, computers were just beginning to come equipped with sound cards and CD-Rom drives, and people wanted something to play on their new devices. Audio takes up a lot of space … Read more

Wind Chime Puzzler

The Enigma column of New Scientist August 20 2005 issue presents this problem by Bob Walker: A wind chime, with 10 chimes of lengths 1 cm to 10 cm, placed uniform distances apart around the circumference of a round disk so they are “balanced perfectly.” The 10 lengths of the chimes in this sequence form … Read more

Talk Like a Pirate

Arrrrrr’, on this Talk Like a Pirate Day, we be presentin’ one of our previous logs in pirate-speak. Tip o’ me cap to this translator. (Pirate) WinChime RingTone: TracFoneV176 We be havin’ a TracFone v176 (GSM, Motorola) an’ wanted t’ add a WinChime ringtone t’ th’ handset, preferably at nay charge. Generate a MIDI File … Read more

Flutter Chime

We found this unusual gravity-powered chime: The chimes are seen to flutter down the string. Note that the chime holes do not seem to be at 22% of chime length for optimum resonance, but appear to be closer to the end, perhaps necessary for flutter action. Previously: Big Chime, Building Chimes, Bike Wind Chime, One-Note … Read more

Building Wind Chimes

Resources found on the web: An Engineering Approach to Wind Chime Design (no longer available) Making Wind Chimes Making Windchimes Bamboo Wind Chimes Glass Wind Chimes (kudos Wikipedia) Related posts: Bike Wind Chime, One-Note Chime, Hard Drive Chime, Building Chimes

WinChime RingTone: Motorola/Tracfone W370

We can confirm that our previous article on transferring a WinChime MIDI file to the Motorola V176 marketed by Tracfone also works on the newer W370 model. Related articles: WinChime Ringtone V176 WinChime Ringtone: Uniden ELX500