WinChime RingTone

We have a TracFone v176 (GSM, Motorola) and wanted to add a WinChime ringtone to the handset, preferably at no charge. Generate a MIDI File We know that this phone is capable of playing MIDI files directly. This can be verified by navigating on the phone to Multimedia-> Sounds-> Clouds-> (Menu)-> Details-> Select, and noticing … Read more

Double Audio Inputs

How could one record left and right audio channels to separate files? RecAll-PRO version 1.5 or later has an undocumented (until now) command-line option to record only from left or right channel of an audio signal. <path>/RecallPro.exe -C Left <path>/RecAllPro.exe -C Right The program should be configured to record Mono audio for this option. (Command-line … Read more

Continuous Pitch

The theremin is known for continuously variable pitch, shared to a lesser extent by violin, trombone, and musical saw. Enjoy these other novel instruments with portamento : Chainsaw Car Engine Tesla Coil [via]