Nature Sound Patents

Excludes ornamental designs.

Method of generating continuous non-looped sound effects, 1997. Random sequencing of digital sound segments.

Portable real time, dry mechanical relaxation and physical therapy device simulating application, 2003. A relaxation station may include nature sounds.

Tooth brush holder, 2005. Holder may play nature sounds.

Method for mixing audio subliminal recordings, 1992. Verbal subliminal stimulus may ride on a carrier of nature sounds.

Apparatus for biophilically promoting personal relaxation, 1997. Relaxation room includes nature sounds.

Selectable audio and mixed background sound for voice messaging system, 2006. Voice messages may be mixed with nature sounds or music audio.

Method and apparatus for biophilically promoting personal relaxation, 2003. Similar to previous.

Simulated musical rainmaker, 1996. A rain stick toy.

Guided instructional cardiovascular exercise with accompaniment, 2004. Exercise system may include nature sounds.

Infant toy, 2004. Toy may produce soothing music or nature sounds, and turn itself off in sound-activated mode.

Continuous sound by concatenating selected digital sound segments, 2001. Continuous sound generated from random sequencing of digital sound segments.

Non-looped continuous sound by random sequencing of digital sound records, 1998. Short segments of audio are concatenated to form a sound sequence by some statistical algorithm.

Synthetic animal sound generator and method, 1972. A carrier signal modulated by a lower frequency signal produce a composite signal; simpler than a tape system.

Flexibility digital sound relaxation system, 1999. Individuals may choose 2 or more sounds to play concurrently.

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