Random Friday: What We ARRRrrrrrrrrrr

Arrrrrr’, on this Talk Like a Pirate Day, we be presentin’ one of our previous Random Friday logs in pirate-speak. Tip o’ me cap to this translator. Random Fridee: What We Bake 5 In this pita bread recipe, we use a stove fer heatin’ th’ bread instead o’ a hot oven. Our stove be at … Read more

Random Friday: What We Bake 5

In this pita bread recipe, we use a stove for heating the bread instead of a hot oven. Our stove is at a better work level than the oven, is easier to access for the short cooking “baking” times without a door in the way, and tends to heat the kitchen less during summer. Low(er) … Read more

Random Friday: What We Graze

Experiment with time-lapse, showing two horses visible outside my office window: (download) The second horse has a fly-mask, to keep buzzing insects away from face, but the equine can see just fine. The horses are kept in separate areas for now, since one beast has a tendency to take nibbles out of the other, and … Read more

What We Bake 4

Even Lower Carb Bread 1 cup warm water1/8 stick of butter2 egg whites (left over from here) or 1 egg 1/2 cups white whole wheat flour1/2 cup wheat gluten1/2 cup wheat bran1/2 cup oat bran2 TBS flax meal1 TBS spoonable Stevia1 1/2 tsp yeast1/2 tsp salt1/2 tsp molasses Add liquid ingredients to bread maker, then … Read more

Random Friday: What We Have Read 7

From our reading journal: 11/30/07 Ha’Penny Jo Walton Inspector Carmichael was blackmailed into protecting Mark Normanby in the previous book, and Normanby is now Prime Minister. A bomb explodes in a London suburb, and Carmichael and Royston are assigned the case. Viola Lark is acting in a production of Hamlet, and becomes involved in a … Read more

Random Friday: What We Cook 3

Nut-Crusted Tilapia with Pesto A favorite family stop for us in Colorado is a certain gator farm in the San Luis valley, seemingly out in the middle of nowhere. Why there? We understand local hot-springs are used for a fish farm, and gators were brought in to consume fish parts. We hope some of the … Read more