Lifetime License

Sagebrush is pleased to announce a change in our software license policy for standard (non-custom/non-contract) products sold from our web site :

All past and future purchasers of our current products will receive LIFETIME UPDATES at no additional charge.

We don’t want any customers to delay purchasing, concerned that an update might be coming soon which will require them to pay again. In the past, we promised “several free updates”, but this is fuzzy terminology. How much is “several”? The reality is that we haven’t charged for updates since we incorporated in 1995, so we might as well make it official.

Some of our products are “gadgets” that do one thing really well, and shouldn’t be expected to command a high price in the current vast software ecology. We cannot make the price much lower than $14, without being clobbered by credit card merchant fees, but perhaps a one-time fee of $12 to $30 is not so much when you consider we won’t ask you to ante up more money later on.

As products are updated, we will revise their user license agreement to reflect this policy.

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