Double Audio Inputs

How could one record left and right audio channels to separate files? RecAll-PRO version 1.5 or later has an undocumented (until now) command-line option to record only from left or right channel of an audio signal. <path>/RecallPro.exe -C Left <path>/RecAllPro.exe -C Right The program should be configured to record Mono audio for this option. (Command-line … Read more

R3c0rd phr0m H3ad53t C0nn3ct0r

Just for kicks, we wanted to see what one of our previous posts would look like if translated in “simple hax0r”, using a translator found on Th3 0th3r day 50m30n3 call3d w1th an 1nt3r35t1ng pr0bl3m. H3 want3d t0 r3c0rd ht3 phar 51d3 uv a t3l3ph0n3 c0nv3r5at10n u51ng h1z lapt0p 50und d3v1c3, and h3 d1d … Read more

Record from Headset Connector

The other day someone called with an interesting problem. He wanted to record the far side of a telephone conversation using his laptop sound device, and he did not have access to a regular telephone line to use one of the telephone recording interfaces described here. He was using a VOIP phone device that plugs … Read more

Convert WAV to MP3

I accidentally recorded a few audio files in .WAV file format instead of MP3. Is there an easy way to convert? If the .WAV file was recorded using MPEG compression, simply rename the file to use an .MP3 file extension, and the file will play in the vast majority of MP3 player programs and MP3 … Read more

PRO Finally

After an unconscionably long beta process, RecAll-PRO version 1.4 is declared ready. We are immediately beginning changes for version 1.5, to be compatible with Vista. Look for a beta release early this May, with a production release no later than June. Then we will immediately start a new version, with a small number of bug … Read more

When Time Stamps Go Bad

The biggest application for our audio recording program is logging telephone calls. Sound-activated recording is used to separate calls, and the time code display is handy for displaying when calls occur. So this news item (which AFAIK does not involve our product) caught our attention: A Hempfield Area High School sophomore spent 12 days in … Read more