R3c0rd phr0m H3ad53t C0nn3ct0r

Just for kicks, we wanted to see what one of our previous posts would look like if translated in “simple hax0r”, using a translator found on DeGraeve.com.

Th3 0th3r day 50m30n3 call3d w1th an 1nt3r35t1ng pr0bl3m. H3 want3d t0 r3c0rd ht3 phar 51d3 uv a t3l3ph0n3 c0nv3r5at10n u51ng h1z lapt0p 50und d3v1c3, and h3 d1d n0t hav3 acc35z t0 a r3gular t3l3ph0n3 l1n3 t0 u53 0n3 uv ht3 t3l3ph0n3 r3c0rd1ng 1nt3rphac3z d35cr1b3d h3r3. H3 waz u51ng a V01P ph0n3 d3v1c3 that plugz 1nt0 a U5B p0rt, 50 n0 r3gular P0T5 l1n3 1z 1nv0lv3d. ht3 d3v1c3 pr0v1d3z a c0nn3ct0r ph0r a 5tandard t3l3ph0n3 h3ad53t, wh1ch c0mb1n3z m1cr0ph0n3 and 3arph0n35. 1n add1t10n, h3 want3d t0 5t1ll b3 abl3 t0 u53 h1z t3l3ph0n3 h3ad53t wh1l3 r3c0rd1ng, and k33p 3v3ryth1ng l0w-c05t, av01d1ng 50ld3r1ng 1ph p0551bl3.

1n th1z art1cl3 w3 d35cr1b3 a ph3w 51mpl3 d0-1t-y0ur53lph r3c0rd1ng 50lut10nz ph0r h3ad53t5. Th1z 1z al50 appl1cabl3 ph0r r3c0rd1ng phr0m a c3ll ph0n3 0r c0rdl35z ph0n3 w1th h3ad53t c0nn3ct0r, az w3ll az ht3 V01P ph0n3 d35cr1b3d ab0v3. Th353 50lut10nz m1ght N0T w0rk w1th land-l1n3 ph0n3z hav1ng h3ad53t c0nn3ct0r5, b3cau53 uv p0551bl3 gr0und l00p pr0bl3m5. W3 w1ll c0v3r th053 ph0n3z 1n a lat3r tut0r1al. Wh3n p0551bl3, w3 g1v3 Rad10 5hack part numb3r5– wh3r3 0mn1pr353nc3 c0untz m0r3 than qual1ty.

T3chn1cal Backgr0und

T3l3ph0n3 h3ad53tz m05t 0pht3n u53 2.5mm (3/32?) mal3 c0nn3ct0r5, 5mall3r than ht3 3.5mm (1/8?) aud10 c0nn3ct0rz ph0und 0n y0ur c0mput3r. H3r3 1z ht3 p1n-0ut uv ht3 h3ad53t plug:

C0mpar3 th1z t0 ht3 p1n-0ut uv y0ur l1n3-1nput c0nn3ct0r:

and m1cr0ph0n3 c0nn3ct0r:

V0ltag3 l3v3lz ph0r L1n3-1n R 0n ht3 0rd3r uv 1V0lt, and ht3 v0ltag3 l3v3l uv a m1cr0ph0n3 1z 0n ht3 0rd3r uv 10-100mV.

3xp3r1m3nt1ng w1th tw0 d1phph3r3nt c3ll ph0n3z and tw0 m0d3lz uv c0rdl35z ph0n3, w3 ph1nd ht3 5p3ak3r-ph0n3 1z d15abl3d wh3n ht3 h3ad53t plug 1z 1n53rt3d, pr3v3nt1ng uz phr0m m0n1t0r1ng ht3 ph0n3 call wh1l3 ht3 h3ad53t c0nn3ct0r 1z plugg3d, u51ng ht3 5am3 ph0n3.

51d3t0n3 r3ph3rz t0 ht3 phact that aud10 that w3 5p3ak 1n ht3 t3l3ph0n3 m1cr0ph0n3 1z add3d t0 what w3 h3ar at ht3 t3l3ph0n3 3arp13c3. Th1z 1z u53d az ph33dback 50 w3 d0n’t talk t0 l0ud and d15t0rt aud10, but m0r3 1mp0rtantly ph0r th1z appl1cat10n, th1z all0wz uz t0 r3c0rd ht3 aud10 at ht3 3arp13c3 and g3t b0th 51d3z 0ph ht3 c0nv3r5at10n.

(R3ad r35t uv art1cl3.)

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