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The blog covers an eccentric variety of topics, from theremins to wind chimes, from the social impact of  audio recording to flan. We do have a few customers (bless ’em!) who purchased several of our programs, and could be interested in all these stories, which is great… But perhaps you purchased RecAll-PRO several years ago and only want to read about any news items or product tutorials relevant to that particular program, and you don’t have the slightest interest in news items about nature sounds. If you subscribe to the main Sagebrush RSS feed, you may be getting too many articles outside your interest boundary.
Today we begin offering RSS feeds for each category (product). Now you can subscribe to the items you care about and ignore the rest.

And don’t miss our What’s New RSS feed, which might have seemed dormant recently, but will soon have several cool product updates and new product releases.

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