Make Theremin

Make Magazine publishes a lively weekend video podcast, documenting a quick building project. Here they make a simple electronic theremin, using a kit from Harrison Instruments. [youtube=] Link

Moog Remembered

Electronic music pioneer Robert Moog passed to the ethereal plane two years ago today. Check out this recent post for his life and times, including popularizing the theremin.

Continuous Pitch

The theremin is known for continuously variable pitch, shared to a lesser extent by violin, trombone, and musical saw. Enjoy these other novel instruments with portamento : Chainsaw Car Engine Tesla Coil [via]

Theremoid FilmFest

Enjoy this collection of theremin-like experimental electronic circuits, found on YouTube. Light Opto Theremin Optical Theremin Oscillator Bent HEM – Home electronic modular Other Potaremin Jaremin – pitch only Theremin in a jar guitar theremin…(experiment n° 3)

Theremin Patents

A previous post surveyed wind chime patents, and we have also presented the original theremin patent. Here we look at other theremin-related patents, filtering out inventions dealing with proximity detector (such as a paper towel dispenser) or electronic oscillator not related to music. METHOD OF AND APPARATUS FOR THE GENERATION OF SOUNDS, 1925. Here is … Read more

Theremin Video Film Festival

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Electronic music pioneer Robert Moog, born 73 years ago today, got started in the business while still a grad student at Cornell, writing an article on building theremins for Electronics World and selling a good number of theremin kits for $49.95. “We had $13,000 in the bank, a humongous cache of wealth for a graduate … Read more