Saw Electric

[youtube=] T J Hill demonstrates handsaw with contact mike and guitar effects. Very nice. Related post: Continuous Pitch [via Make: blog]

Optical Theremin

Check out this optical theremin with schematic using a circuit hacker’s favorite 555 timer chip. Expect a square wave rather than sine wave output. link [via Make:] Previously: Theremin Student Design Projects, Theremoid FilmFest

Big 80 for Theremin Patent

The original USA theremin patent was issued February 28, 1928, exactly 80 years ago today. Related: Original Theremin Patent Filed, Happy Birthday Léon, Theremin Patents, Theremin Patent

Theremin Theses

In an earlier, we had pointed out several theremin student design projects. Here, we mention theses and dissertations related (however remotely) to this hands-off instrument: Visual Frets for a Free-Gesture Musical Interface, Leila Hasan, MIT MS EECS, 2001. Visible lasers provide frets. Toward an Understanding of Musical Gesture: Mapping Expressive Intention with the Digital Baton, … Read more

Theremin Student Design Projects

Theremins are occasionally the target of college student design projects. Reports often include thoughtful mathematical analysis and circuit design. We present a sampling of student design documents found on the web: The Theremin and Beyond, Mojica and Gutierrez, University of California Riverside, 2003. Theremin with Onboard Effects, Tarantino and Cinnamon, PHYCS 398 University of Illinois … Read more

Theremin Matryoshka Orchestra

[youtube=] video link Japanese theremin maker Mandarin Electron has embedded a pitch-only theremin in a matryoshka doll, dubbed the Matryomin. [kudos Gizmodo]