Do you use ambient sounds (music, nature sounds, chimes) to help fall asleep or mask other sounds to stay asleep? Check out this pillow with embedded speaker. Reputed to have no lumps and not disturb nearby sleepers. [kudos Gizmodo]

Celebration of Nature Sounds

The October 13, 2007 broadcast of the NPR comedy news quiz Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me presented this factoid about the Celebration, Florida master-planned community developed by the Walt Disney Company: Peter Sagal: “… where among the many amenities Disney provides residents … B. Hidden speakers piping in bird songs, because the actual birds are … Read more

Bumbershoot Parabolic Microphone

We pine for a parabolic microphone to make nature recordings, supporting one of our programs. Jim Lee describes how to to build such a mike from items found at a dollar store, including a novelty umbrella hat. One of my friends is obsessed with shopping at dollar stores. This project we have to try… [kudos … Read more

Owl Phone

The Owl Project at MIT Media Lab, collaborating with Maine Audubon, uses cell phones for owl census, producing owl calls and recording response. Low night-time phone rates are an advantage. (kudos BoingBoing) previously: Nature Sounds for Leopards

Nature Sound Patents

Excludes ornamental designs. Method of generating continuous non-looped sound effects, 1997. Random sequencing of digital sound segments. Portable real time, dry mechanical relaxation and physical therapy device simulating application, 2003. A relaxation station may include nature sounds. Tooth brush holder, 2005. Holder may play nature sounds. Method for mixing audio subliminal recordings, 1992. Verbal subliminal … Read more

Recording Nature

We are gearing up to record several new nature sounds for WaveSong, in addition to eventually allowing the program to import user sounds. As nature recording neophytes, we found this article of interest on the BBC web site. Further nature recording technical advice from readers of this blog will be welcome.