WinChime wind chime software for Windows

Relax to the peaceful sounds of wind chimes from your computer.

[WinChime Screen Shot]

WinChime(TM) is a random musical note player for Win 10/8/7/Vista/XP. Using the MIDI synthesizer capabilities of your sound card, the program creates a sound environment to reduce stress or help mask out noise while working at your PC. The program is designed to create pleasing customized sounds with very little tweaking from the user, with a modest number of powerful controls. A built-in timer allows advanced set-ups to simulate “gusts” of wind, or turn music on and off at programmed times. Multiple set-ups may be saved. Context sensitive help is provided. MIDI files may be generated for use in other applications.

Latest Version —-4.0 for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
System Requirements: sound card with MIDI support, 1meg disk space.
Price: $12.95 US — Updated low price!
Benefits of Registration: Latest version, several updates, email support, email notification of version releases, access to beta versions.


Download WinChime today for a free 30-day evaluation: NEW VERSION UPDATE!
Click here to download the latest 64-bit version of WinChime
Click here to download the latest 32-bit version of WinChime


Although WinChime normally generates notes in real-time, it can also savesounds to a MIDI file. Download and listen to these sample files with your WEB browser, to get some idea of the peaceful, relaxing sound environment WinChime can create for you.

  • dorian.mid (Dorian scale, tubular bells, volume=60, wind=60, pitch=60)
  • ritsu.mid (Ritsu scale, vibraphone, volume=60, wind=50, pitch=50)
  • funky.mid (Funky scale, Celesta, volume=60,wind=75, pitch=40)

Customer Comments

… I feel this tension that I was unaware of just drop off every time it start up. Thanks for a great idea. No machine should be without it. –GP Illinois

I have a 90 minute timer set. When the chimes stop I know it’s time forĀ  a break. –BJ Florida

… helps provide me with a little space of serenity in the midst of a noisy workplace, helps me concentrate, too… -CG Georgia

WinChime also calms me so I don’t go postal. –RJ Illinois

I have to say WinChime is very soothing, especially with some of my screensavers. — CH Colorado

Thanks. My whole family loves the chimes! A great product. — RB California

…please accept my compliments for one of the most original and peaceful programs I have ever experienced!!! — TP Tennessee