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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I get an error message “Can’t get Dev Caps”. Short answer: Get the latest version of MouSing. Long version: The Windows sound system has a sound device called Wave Mapper, also known as Sound Mapper. This facility allows programs to automatically use the next free sound output device, when multiple sound cards are present, or selects the best sound device for the necessary operation. Microsoft documentation recommends that sound programs use Wave Mapper. However, some sound card installations, especially for Win3.1 or Win3.11, don’t include the necessary Wave Mapper device, or the device might get inadvertently deleted by a user. When MouSing can’t find Wave Mapper, it gives this somewhat cryptic message.  The new version of MouSing correctly detects that Wave Mapper is not present, and finds a different wave output device.

I hear pops and clicks when playing MouSing.  This happens most often when the processor is not fast enough. MouSing computes a sinusoid in real-time and sends this data to the sound card. If the processor can’t keep up with the sound card, then sound artifacts such as pops and clicks may occur. MouSing should run on a 486-66DX2 or faster, but could have problems if other programs or hardware are making heavy use of processor time. Try quitting out of other programs, and reduce the sampling rate in MouSing Options/Preferences. With a sampling rate of 44kHz, the program has to calculate 44,100 different sound points each second. Using 22kHz halves the processing requirements. Future versions of MouSing may optimize the sound wave calculations even more, or allow even lower sampling rates.