CamZilla screen capture

[CamZilla Screen Shot] CamZilla (TM) is a full-featured utility for capturing screen-shots and full-motion screen video. Use for creating demos, manuals, documentation, and many other applications.

Take a Guided Tour from the program’s author, introducing CamZilla’s many features, with several screenshots.

Handy features:

  • Easy-to-use controls.
  • Define capture area by window, rectangle, or screen.
  • Capture screen images in JPG, GIF, BMP, and PNG formats.
  • Capture full-motion screen video in WMV format using the Windows Media Screen Codec.
  • Effects include captions and size scaling.
  • Context-sensitive help, taskbar tray icon option, optional menu, and many options too numerous to list.

Latest Version: —- v1.1 for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.
System Requirements: Microsoft’s free DirectX (9.0 or greater) and Windows Media Format Runtime (9.0 or greater) should be installed, which should already be present on WinVista.
Price: $23.95 US total.
Benefits of Registration: Most recent version, registration code for LIFETIME UPDATES, email support, good karma.


Download CamZilla today for a 30-day evaluation:
Click here to download the latest version of CamZilla(1.15MBytes) for WinVista/XP.

WinXP (or earlier Windows version) users that do not already have Windows Media Format run time installed or are not sure, download CamZilla with Windows Media Format runtime (5.2MBytes).

Technical Support

Go to our new technical support page for assistance using CamZilla, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and application notes.