WinChime RingTone: Uniden

We have a Uniden ELX500 cordless telephone handset in the office (used here primarily for its Bluetooth connectivity). How do we add a WinChime ringtone?

The Phone

This handset, compatible with other phones in Uniden’s 5.8 GHz digital(non-DECT, non Voip) multiple-extension product line, is unusual for cordless phones, having a flip-phone form factor, USB mini-port, connectivity to a computer, Bluetooth, programmable ringtones, and other assorted goodies.
uniden handset

Send MIDI to Cell

We were curious if the handset supported MIDI files, MP3 files, or other. Asof this writing, the Uniden phone customization software would not work successfully on Vista, but did run on WinXP. Running the program, we were surprised to find that image file transfer was supported, but not audio or music files.

uniden handset software

Send MIDI to Handset — Try Try Again

So how does this handset allow ring customization? The answer is to record the ringtone through the handset microphone itself. Simple, perhaps not the highest fidelity, but it works. Here is a method never likely to be adapted by the cellular telephone world, intent on generating extra revenue from users ready to throw cash at them for the latest pop tunes or wallpaper, even though tied to a particular electronic device and non-transferable.

MIDI files sound different when played on various computer sound devices, sowe chose a PC with best sounding MIDI rendering. We also changed WinChime scale, instrument,and pitch range, to sound distinct from any other ringtones.

(download) (scale=funky,instrument=vibraphone, pitch=50)

On the handset, click Menu Button-> Ringer Options-> 5)Rec/Edit->Options-> Record , and hold up to computer speakers while WinChime is playing.
uniden handset edit rings

Our cordless telephone now has a unique wind chime ringtone, helping you to relax whenever the phone rings!

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