WaveSong nature sound effects generator software for Windows

Relax to soothing nature sounds– crickets, thunder, waves, and rain.

[WaveSong Screen Shot]

WaveSong(TM) is a nature-sound generator program for Windows, using your sound device, real nature sound clips, and clever processing techniques to produce a sustained nature audio environment. This program could be used to mask out unwanted ambient noise and promote relaxation and concentration. Controls for Volume and Tempo allow the listener to tailor sound output to individual preferences.

WaveSong now has a built-in timer, tray icon capability, and screen-saver support.

Latest Version —- v2.6
System Requirements:Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP ,sound card with Wav support, <1meg disk space.
Price: $14.95 US + handling.
Benefits of Registration: Most recent version, registration code good for several updates, email support, email notification of version releases,access to beta versions.


Download WaveSong today for a free 30-day evaluation:
Click here to download the latest version of WaveSongfor WinVista/XP/NT4/2000/ME (581k)


 ZDNet review August 4,1997

Customer Comments

WaveSong has saved my professional life, since I work in a crowded sea of cubicles and I can’t think or concentrate when I can hear other people talking.Piping the pink noise through my Brookstone antinoise headphones keeps me from hearing a thing. — RB Virginia

Thank you, O purveyor of undisturbed slumber. — CR Illinois