RecAll-PRO Beta Evaluation

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This page last updated May 29, 2014.

We welcome all users of RecAll-PRO to check out this beta release.

The v2.0beta9 version of RecAll-PRO is now available to download.

As you probably know, a beta version of a software program is one that has finished testing within the software company (alpha test) and is ready for evaluation by users outside the software company. After fixing any problems that show up in the beta version, a production” release version of the program is made available for general distribution.

If you do not care to try the beta version, look for an announcement for the official production release of version 2.0 “in a few weeks”. Registered users will be able to download the new version and it will automatically recognize the registration code already stored on your computer.

If you are interested in trying the beta version, and don’t mind the possibility of a few minor program bugs, you are invited to download the beta.Bug reports and comments are always welcome. Send all comments, bug fixes, and suggestions for improvements to or our on-line RecAll-PRO Suppport Forum. In your bug report, please give sufficient information to allow us to reproduce the error, telling us the exact steps necessary to create the error condition and whether the bug appears consistently or intermittently.

Download the latest beta of RecAll-PRO v2.0 for Win7/Vista/XP at recpro20.exe

We may report beta bugs on this page as you tell us about them. If particularly virulent bugs require a new beta version, that will be posted on this page, too. We might not send e-mail announcements of a new beta release,so you may want to bookmark this page and check periodically.

Thanks to all testers for their help!!!

May 29, 2014 beta9

Fixed Vorbis and Speex files to handle segments.

Fixed timer issue that could cause crash if Automatic File Naming was not enabled in File preferences.