Sagebrush Systems Privacy Policy

Here is our company’s current privacy policy. If the policy changes in the future, the new information will appear on this page.
Companies that do secure transaction processing of our customers’ credit card orders may have their own privacy policy.

How is personal data collected?

When a product is purchased, we ask for basic information such as mailing address and e-mail address. During ordering or order confirmation, we give the customer an opportunity to request e-mail notification for product updates or announcements of new Sagebrush Systems products (opt-in).

Our web site does not use cookies, and we do not track web site usage of individuals.

How is personal data used?

We send infrequent e-mail notification of new Sagebrush Systems products and product updates to customers that have requested this service (opt-in).
Sagebrush Systems does not share customer information with other businesses or organizations.

How can one opt out of e-mail messages?

We don’t wish to send you unsolicited commercial e-mail. If you ever receive unwanted e-mail from us, let us know and we will quickly correct the problem.
Send an e-mail message to, requesting “mailing list removal on new product notification”, or “mailing list removal on product update notification”. We will send an e-mail confirmation of your request.

How is personal data transferred to others?

Sagebrush Systems never discloses customer information to other businesses.

How is personal data secured?

Personal data is not permanently stored on the Sagebrush Systems web site computer. This data is stored on a different computer that is not normally connected to the Internet.

For web purchases, credit card numbers are not handled or stored directly by Sagebrush Systems. We use a credit card transaction processor, such as MerchantOnline or PayPal , with its own secure web site that specializes in safe online credit card transactions and has procedures in place for protecting credit card data.

How can a customer view and correct personal data?

Send an e-mail message to requesting this change. We will send an e-mail confirmation of your request. We appreciate change-of-address notices, so we can continue to send new-product and product-update announcements to customers that have requested this service.