New Forum 2017

Our Forum Page was hacked several months ago, thoroughly enough that it was impractical to recover and export discussions to new software.

We have had many problems in the past due to rampant forum spam, particularly link spam.

Also the old forum had many questions that pertained to older out-of-date versions of our software, and the question often did not mention which version was involved.

Time for a new beginning. We are offering AnsPress, a question-and-answer format made popular by Stack Overflow. Eventually we intend to add a feature so you only see questions related to the product in which you have an interest, but for now you can click on the Category link and filter for the product you need. (I did seed the forum with actual questions by real customers, but now you guys are already helping to build a solid forum by asking great questions.)

Include version numbers in your question whenever appropriate. Thanks. Visit the Forum page here.

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